Tupac is the Worst Rapper of the Decade

Tupac Shakur, known to many as 2pac, and known to a few others a Makavelli, is the worst rapper of the decade. This will be surprising to most of you since you know Tupac as having been one of the two best rappers of the 1990’s. He went out on top, and by went out, I mean he was murdered in Las Vegas in a case that has never been solved. Tupac was a juggernaut, and even death couldn’t stop his commercial prowess in hip hop. Posthumous mixtape after mixtape and album after album have added millions to the tally of Tupac’s record sales. Ironically, that’s what caused him to Sammy Sosa out in this decade.

Tupac’s talent was undeniable. His writing was immaculate, but his delivery was awe-inspiring. His voice’s muscular ferocity on the Notorious B.I.G. diss “Hit ‘Em Up” was unyielding. That impeccable bravado made the compassion he offered in his performances on other songs seem contradictory. His honesty– or “realness”–allowed his audience to comfortably reconcile those two natures. Tupac’s legacy would have remained a polished diamond had he never released another album after 1996. Instead, he became a retirement plan for anyone with the ability to press a CD.

At first that wasn’t so bad. The production on the early posthumous work was still close to the quality and style featured on the albums in which he participated directly. As the years dragged on though, musical styles and tastes changed, but Tupac couldn’t. Let’s be honest, death presents a severe obstacle to one’s ability to remain relevant. Tupac’s work, this decade, makes that painfully apparent since death left him unable to comment on anything past the first Clinton administration. As scavengers continue to mine the vaults of his unreleased recordings, the disconnect becomes increasingly excruciating. I hear topics addressed in his forthcoming songs include his pondering whether or not to buy a cell phone, pleading with Ross and Rachel to get together, and worrying that he might be killed… in Resident Evil for the Playstation.

Tupac fans like to believe that he predicted his own death. Impossible. If he could’ve predicted his own death, then he could also have foreseen the decade of posthumous albums and songs that would bear his name, water down his legacy, and take all the fun out of yelling “Westside!” (Think about it: when was the last time you or anyone you know threw up the “W” and yelled out Westside?) And if he could have foreseen all of that, he would have moved to Ohio and become a rapping insurance agent. I can already hear his pitch! “When you need to provide for your loving wife/you might wanna consider… Thug Life!” Actually, the saving grace in all this is that I never have to hear anyone utter “thug life” again.

This man’s career that once attracted controversy and acclaim the way his torso attracted bullets is now an embarrassment of bargain bin compilation CDs. Through no fault of his own, that is how Tupac managed possibly to become this decade’s worst rapper.

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36 Comments on “Tupac is the Worst Rapper of the Decade”

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  2. Nate Says:

    You are an idiot. Saying he is the worst rapper of the decade, because other people released his music after he died….. you freakin moron. You say it made his image/music bad, yet millions still buy an download any new Tupac they find. He is one of the best of the decade. so Fucck off

  3. D Says:

    OHHHH ok look yall haterz!2pac aint neva been tha worst rapper and will neva b!!All these new muthafu**a’z datz out now is wack as fu**!!!!Cant nobody compare to tha realness of 2pac Shakur.Yall lil websites can say wutchu wanna but at least 2pac NEVA EVA repeated his lyrics and all tha rappers now do.So itz wuteva im sure he lookin down laughin at chall cause yall went through dat much trouble 4a all diz.

    • Klev Says:

      Hail! im greated to meet another master G! You can diss people for sure! can you draw one, on me?
      you aint seeming to understand this guy just draw forth the worst about Tupac did you even read what he writed before you commented your “Anti hatah!” Comment? I bow for your awsome dissing.


  4. You guys are taking this a little too seriously, aren’t you? I mean, either you agree with the thesis or you don’t, but come on… this isn’t a federal fact finding investigation. It’s just a couple guys having fun. At any rate, the bullet point (no pun intended) is this: what makes hip hop great is its relevance and how topical it can be with current events–see Luda checking Hillary Clinton last Spring. The ghost of Tupac is completely absent from that. That wouldn’t be a problem if people would just let him rest in peace.

  5. Jack89 Says:

    Hip Hop blasphemy to even mention Tupac’s name on this website. Rappers sell records just because they use his NAME. Rapper, Movie Star, Activist, Poet.

    Its obvious that you lack the true understanding of rap and what it means to be dope (No pun intended!) The very fact that you mentioned his name on this site relieves you of any REAL credibility.

  6. The fact that I hold no one sacred–even though I cherish Tupac’s legacy–actually affirms our credibility.

  7. Skies Says:

    White people should not be legally aloud to talk about Rap, or rappers. That music was not even made for them. TUPAC SHAKUR is a Fucking LEGEND! you fucking idiot!

    • Klev Says:

      He aint saying tupac aint a legend is he? and what is your problem. it’s like… If a white person disses a black man? what is it racism?
      IF! a black man disses a white person? what is it?
      I would like an answer of that if you can Master gangsta.
      I’m proably one of the few humans on earth that aint got any (dont know how to say it without racism” negro blood in him-.- im not typing this to be racist but you probably see it as this. because a white person cant talk shit to a black person because then! he! is! racist! yaaay!


  8. Mike Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. 2Pac is one of the greatest MCs to grace the mic. The guy was philosophical and true.

    Whoever wrote this has no business talking about Hip Hop.

  9. yo. Says:

    I think you need to change the heading to “The people who fucked up 2pac’s legacy*”

  10. Kel Says:

    Your a dickhead. Tupac is one of the greatest rappers the world will see. Never in your life dis this kid, his name will live on for a long time.

    You think no one says west side? How the fu*k do you know? You probably havent heard one of this mcs songs ever. I have not come across one person to dis 2pac. Its a shame that you cant see the great legend this bloke was.

  11. I live in LA, so I think that I am at ground zero for “WESTSIDE!”

  12. Damn Says:


  13. Truth Says:

    You mother fucker are the fukin stupidest dumb fuck in the world he is the best rapper in the world and forever will be . Your just some stupid dumb white kid

    • As I said before, I’m black.

    • Klev Says:

      Your black? well even if you are. your a shame to all black people. “G” go to bed and suck it fool! im the only real G in this hood yo! i keel everybody with my dads pistol that i havent evah thouched yo! eh eh yo! yo! yeah yo! you yo! you know what yo!?! im G yo! im og loc yo! you idiots that write at this blog seems to me as the idiot OG loc ad gta san andreas.

  14. Truth Says:

    And mother fucker i say westside everyday

    • Klev Says:

      Oh hey the G’s back! yo man wanna go pop some fake ass niggas yo! we are g’s yo! westside for life yo! nigga your mabye 100% nigga but im 200% nigga yo! im a real G yo! YO! black power mother fucker yo!

      Your like a real life copy of Og loc from san andreas

      Northside for life!

  15. 5uper Mario Says:


    This is sad.

    Who ever wrote this should hang themselves.

    “Tupac’s legacy would have remained a polished diamond had __he__ never released another album after 1996.”

    Stupid, much?
    Like Tupac is alive to allow them to release his songs.

    And how can he be the worst rapper of this decade?
    He is the #1 rapper of all time, even in death, and still is 2010.
    No one will beat him.

    This makes it looks like hes alive to make songs.
    Hes not, therefor, he can’t be considered bad.

    And for the westside thing:
    Who gives a flying fuck.
    It was back then, when I listen to Tupac it gives me some good old memories of back then 1995-6 ect…

    It was like only a decade ago, to me, not much changed.
    And not like you can change him from saying westside, or thug life.

    This article fails.

  16. First of all Who ever the fuck, wrote this shit should go and suck a big dick. Because even if u like hip hop or not Tupac is the best rapper in the whole fuckin world (2nd weezy BTW) And 2nd of all, If your White Or Not it’s your choice if u want to become a rapper
    or create a article about “BLACK” rappers. He/She wasn’t being racist SHE/HE didn’t mention being racist.
    If they don’t like Tupac then they don’t. However
    they still shouldn’t create an article about cuz it could cause an Meltdown over nothing. 3rd of all
    So don’t run your racist mouth “Skies” and try to change the subject and twist stories by covering up from saying shit about white people.

    Im not racist but im sick and tired of “blacks” calling white people “Niggas”/niggros
    becuase if ya’ll hadn’t remember that means your calling us “Slaves” and saying “WHITE PEOPLE THIS, THAT, THIS THAT” Blah Blah Blah in your coverstions.

    No wonder the world maybe endning cuz poeple are greedy, selfish and heartless. I love all colors I am Homies with a lot of blacks myself. So fuck ya’ll racist mugs if ya’ll don’t like my comment.

    W’ell it prob, wouldn’t matter cuz my comment is in May of 2010. Ya’ll’s in Jan.

    But ya’ll read this.


    “No Homo”- Soulja Jay!!!!!!

    P.S.-Tupac, Biggie, NWA, Lil Wayne
    AND Soulja Boy YES SOULJA BOY TELL’Em Is My rappers.

    And to all who be started shit with me OVER SOULJA BOY go jack off our something cuz it’s my taste and my opinion.


    I Am Mentally Disabled/Special Ede.

    I go to A Lot of Talent Shows.
    I Write lyrics at 18 (started at 12)
    I know Verses, Chorus, Hooks, Intros, Bridges, Outros to.
    I got a lot of friends on lock at school and in my naborhood. (Spellcheck).
    I use to go to Jamglue and create my tracks but sadly R.I.P Jamglue.


    1. Eminem
    2. Paul Wall
    3. Evidence
    4. Yankeeking29

  17. Wardog Says:

    Fuck you to who ever wrote this shit. You probably some dumb ass white boy who thinks you kno shit about Pac. Did your research read some books and now u think you have figure out 2pac. But fuck you and suck a dick. If you ain’t got nothing better to say about him then shut the fuck up. Ok

  18. haris Says:

    fuck all ya haters, 2pacalypse for life, WEST SIDE TILL DIE Out here in california we GUNNA BUST ON YOU motherfuckers, we do our jobs, Kiling aint fair, BUT SOMEBODY GAS to do it (checkspellnigg).

  19. haris Says:

    They say im white, But i dont give a Fuck, Niggs wana throw up, il smash you up, Saying i cant rap or i cant write, fuck all ya niggas, take a hike, Saying i aint fair, Screw it the game made me like this nigga, dont make me do it. Pulling a trigger so soflly, it melts your eye nigga dont come close to me. Whoever tries to touch 2pac, try to do a pullup. n then come back with the words, Im a fucking screwup. ( ye u heard it, my dawg 2pacaylpse for life. Ya’ll dont know man. Hes here. You dont know shit man ). 2PAAAAACCCC WADDAP MY HOMEEE DAWG. YOu chILLINg OR YOU SPILLIN SOME MONEY. or spitting some rhymes. oh 2pac i cant forget your face, how many times will i say a grace. Everything rhymes like i posses some powers.

  20. laceless shoe Says:

    2 pac was not only quite possibly the greatest rapper of all time, but one of the greatest artist period of all time.Guiness Book of Records 2004, published “he is the highest selling rap/hip-hop artist selling over 67 million copies worldwide.” He was inducted to the hip hop hall of fame in 2002,he had a 9x platinum album 2 years after its realease,2005 Rolling Stones Magazine Vote, Tupac was named #6 of the ‘100 immortal artists of all time’ behind the likes of Elvis and Lennon. You should really do your research before slandering a great artist who was cut down in the prime of his career. Music lovers will forever feel his loss.

  21. olegario Says:

    so this guys a retard right , and who ever said weezy is #2 your a fuckn retard , ok the fact of the matter is if you listen to rap or hip hop you know every one fuckn loves 2 pac , unless your mentally dissabled . i have asked friends that listen to metal and are fuckn metal heads and they love 2pac , tupac made hit after hit after hit, most of his songs were #1 on the charts for months at a time and the majority of his songs made it to the top 10 of the charts , he never had a song that wasent great

  22. olegario Says:

    even the songs that were released after his death were fuckn awsome

  23. Thuglife209westside Says:

    Nobody stopped sayin westside or thuglife. u stupid dumbfucker i dont kow what tha fuck yur talkin bout u listen to any rap lately? (not even just westcoast) hella niggas who aint even from tha west wanna be like pac so bad they throw up tha w. niggas albums imitatin pac (weezyveli, flockaveli).and u probly aint hear nobody holla westside because 1. either u aint on the westside, or 2. u aint even in tha hood. which i could tell u aint by how u talkin bout some shit dat u dont even fuckin know. i dont care if u know all pacs lyrics which i could put that u dont, it dont mean shit if you cant relate to it. pac speaks for real niggas n 2 real hood niggas thatz y yo square ass cant relate.who tha fuck r u neway 2 try speak on 1 of the biggest legends in music u wreckless dickhead?

  24. willy willis Says:

    pray i never find your ass coz u will beg for life n mercy ass hole. the rapper whos diss has never been shunned out by his enemies till today. hey tupac wanted a legacy not popularity from jail biggy rarely touched 2 million and pac from jail hit 5million in 2months. am comming after ur ass bitch i know u u can run but u can hide

  25. koncept Says:

    Half of you on here are fucking idiots. nuff said. In fact, most of you, Tupac is no where near the best rapper ever, he preached and his main focus was subject matter, that isn’t the whole package to being “number 1”, he wasn’t lyrically the greatest by a long shot! And people on here who say WAYNE is in their top 5, your arguement is void. people who like Soulja Boy, you arguement is also void. people who can’t spell “neighbourhood” or are shouting “westside” on this thread, your arguement is void.people who listen to ONLY gangster rap, your arguement is void. A lot of you have narrow vision and don’t see the whole picture of hip hop, cherish what 2pac did by all means, but don’t put him on a pedistall and widen your horizons, give ALL of hip hop a listen!
    It’s time people woke up instead of saying hip hop is dead and a man who died 15 years ago is the greatest to ever do it, you are all living in the past.

  26. Vito Says:

    Thug Life! Tupac is the best fucking rapper of all time. Who da fuck is u to be dissing a legend alright.Lil wayne is the worst rapper Fucking cant understand his song. 2pac is #1 in this whole fucking universe so fuck of bitch 2pacalopse. West Side Thug Life Motha Fucka

    • Vito Says:

      Oh and fuck u koncept 2pac is still the greatest nomatter what. I am actualy only 12 years old and i hate how everyone says lil wayne is the best and everything but he sucks dick Tupac is like a second father to me his songs are just inspiring and very emotinal to me so fuck all u 2pac haters Thug Life

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