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Worst Rapper Gets Shoutout from Kamenetzky Brothers!

April 10, 2009

Our quest to find the worst rapper of the decade is more defined by its means than the end. That is to say that the journey and discussion that comes from our hunt provides us the satisfaction and validation we need. To that end, we’re overjoyed that the LA’s very own Kamenetzky Brothers gave us a shout out in their ESPN podcast.

For those of you who aren’t in Los Angeles or aren’t fans of LA’s sports teams, Andy and Brian Kamenetzky preside over local sports analysis through print journalism, podcasts and blogs with ESPN and the LA Times. They spent the last quarter of their most recent podcast expanding on our arguments for Kobe and Shaq being the worst rappers of the decade, even suggesting other candidates (I need to track down Ron Artest’s music!). Many of their points were even better than ours! We definitely appreciate the shoutout.

We encourage you to download and listen to their ESPN AM710  podcast.

Click here for the podcast.

Also, check out their Lakers blog.